SEA<->BUS Informal Showing

March 30, 2017
8pm @ Sullivant Hall         Studio 390

This is an informal showing of work in progress by Sea↔Bus, a cross-continental collaboration company between Seattle dance Artists, Kori Martodam and Jonathon Lilly; and Columbus Dance Artist, Josh Hines.

Josh is working with fellow Columbus dance artists: Kelly Hurlburt, Eve Hermann, Hana Newfeld, and Megan Davis Bushway. These five dancers form the Columbus dance ensemble of Sea↔Bus.

The Columbus ensemble has been working for several months exploring and researching dance improvisation as performance. What is it like to perform improvisaiton? What is the physicality of improvisation? How do you perform improvisation with a group of people? How do you improvise choroeography? What are the differences between exploring improvisation as a soloist, in a duet, and trio? These questions and much more have been starting off points for their rehearsal process so far.

Come to Sullivant Hall, studio 390, 8PM to witness what Columbus has to offer and support local dance. : )
10-15$ sliding scale donation is encouraged, and very much appreciated, to support Columbus dance!

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