May I taste something sacred

I have a file on my computer named “0003 Inspiration 2016”. The zeros make it file near the top of the list of files. The 3 makes it the fourth file down (from 0000 2015zine, 0001 Writing 2016, and 0002 Dreams2016). It’s the electronic cabinet for words and ideas that keep me inspired and hopeful and happy and laughing. Today I found this in my wanderings amongst the forest/tangle/jangle/mangle of words the internet offers:


May a good vision catch me
May a benevolent vision take hold of me, and move me
May a deep and full vision come over me, and burst open around me
May a luminous vision inform me, enfold me.
May I awaken into the story that surrounds,
May I awaken into the beautiful story.
May the wondrous story find me;
May the wildness that makes beauty arise between two lovers
arise beautifully between my body and the body of this land,
between my flesh and the flesh of this earth,
here and now,
on this day,
May I taste something sacred.

—David Abram

David Abram is one of those writers and thinkers who consistently surprise and energize me with their words. Here’s an interview with him about “The Spell of Literacy” :

This morning I wrote (in the Writing file):

And in the morning, with the sun and the moon and the wind like a kitten, you look up and buzzards fill the blue space between the tops of trees and the large white dot of the moon, swirling swooping weaving, reminding you that the remains of what is dead are sensed, found and transmuted. The energy does that. Universe does that. All shall be well.